Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bright Slap Episode 3 is up and we have a new host!

This week Bright Slap is fortunate enough to have a new co-host! We welcome Jenny to the podcast this week, and give her a proper welcome by grilling her top 3 anime series of all time. We also dig deep into our memory banks to recall how this mysterious love for anime developed.

A rundown of the show goes as follows:

- Introductions

-Jenny tells us about her top 3 animes of all time

-We discuss what we're currently watching, and tease Jenny about her venture into the Twilight series.

-Each hosts recalls how they were introduced into anime and discuss how their fandom has evolved over the years.

-We close the show with our usual goodbyes and ask Jenny if she'd like to be an official member of Bright Slap!

You can find a link to the podcast below! Don't forget to subscribe to the show on iTunes and if you have time, write a review! We're still going through our "Training Arc" so we need the encouraging words or criticisms from our listeners in order to Power Up to the next level!

Download Episode 3 Here!

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