Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bright Slap: Introduction to the Hand

This is our very first episode! Please forgive the sub-par mic and Jim's excessive use of the word "uh." It actually gets better towards the end and once we found our own groove the conversation does get interesting.

Episode Synopsis:

- Host Introductions

- Top 3 Animes of all time (for the time being)

- The Antarctic Treaty: Initial D v. Strike Witches

- Closing remarks

We appreciate any and all feedback. Just like any Shonen Hero, we need to go through our absurd amount of training in order to power-up! We WILL be getting a new mic soon and Jim WILL say "uh" less frequently. Suggest new segments, tell us if we talked about something that's false, and overall have fun listening to two guys talk about anime.

If you wish to download our podcast, visit our Podomatic website (hint: click on the link!).

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