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Ōkami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi 1 - Episode Summary

I can't remember how I heard about this series, but as soon as I read the premise and saw the art style on Anime News Network, I knew that I had to check the anime out.  The series itself is suppose to be a romantic comedy and to differentiate itself from being another generic title in the genre Ōkami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi will be modeling their characters and episodes off of fairy tale parodies.  Having viewed the first episode, I can already tell you that I'm digging the fairy tale aspects and I look forward to seeing which fairy tales the show will be using in the future.  With that said, I'll kick off my preview of Ōkami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi with a summary of the first episode and complete it with my thoughts in another post.

Ookami's Ichigo face

The series jumps into the frey right away with our main characters, Okami (left) and Ringo (right), chasing after some street thug.  We find out that she's from some organization called the Otogi Bank, which sent her to prevent the thug from stalking another woman. The thug proceeds to pull out a knife in hopes to intimidate Okami, but unfortunately for the thug, Okami came prepared with a pair of cat boxing gloves. 

Okami easily takes out the thug with a punch Bright would be proud of. With the thug taken care of, Okami and Ringo head back to the Otagi Bank to report in.

Here, we are introduced to the rest of the Otogi Bank.  Starting from the top left we have the president, Liszt Kiriki.  Next, we have the maid Tsurugaya Otsuu.  Third, is the president's cousin Alice Kiriki.  Finally, the last two members shown above are Taro Urashima and Otohime Ryugo.  The group begins to discuss whether or not they should recruit a new male member considering how dangerous Okami's fight became earlier that day.  The president ends up deciding that they should be on the look out for a potential new club member.  Okami reluctantly agrees and heads off to go about the rest of her day.

As Ookami heads down an empty alley towards home, she hears a voice call out her name and confess a fondness towards her.  She turns around to see nothing, but an empty alley and shrugs it off as she continues on her journey home.  Suddenly, the voice called out again and with an annoyed look on her face, she sees a nervous wreck of a classmate standing a block behind her. The classmate stutters as he introduces himself as Ryoushi Morino from her same class, which didn't remotely ring a bell for Ookami as she simultaneously decides to continue her walk home.  Roushi then pathetically tries to get her to stay as he clung on to her leg, but ends up failing miserably in the end.

The next scene, we find Ookami and Ringo relaxing at home as Ookami tells the other about the confession that she rejected from some stalker classmate not too long ago. This news piqued Ringo's curiosity, and she ends up doing research on Ryoushi.

To Ookami's dismay, the very next day, she sees Ringo with Ryoushi trying to recruit him to join their club.  The Otogi Bank end up learning about his skills as a hunter, and his abilities of remaining unnoticed.  The only down side to Roushi's abilities is that he freaks out when people stare at him causing him to be paralyzed with fear.  The club ends up putting him on a trial case for a new clientele that happens to arrive at the same time he was being evaluated.

The client Kakari Haibara explains to the Otogi Bank that her senpai, Akihiri Oji (aka the prince of tennis) is resigning from the tennis club due to an injury and she wants them to stop him.  We then learn what the Otogi Bank does; clients ask them for favors and in exchange, they can ask those clients for a future favor in return.  The club ends up accepting Kakari's request and assign Ryoushi to get the case done.

Ryoushi proceeds to stalk Akihiri using his hunting abilities in order to prevent him from getting his resignation signed, but he ends up failing in the end when he freaks out as soon as people notice his presence.

In a last ditched effort, the Otogi Bank receives help from a witch, Majolica le Fay.  She provides them with a pumpkin carriage to transport themselves fast enough to stop Akihiri from resigning from the tennis club.

Ryoushi rushes Kakari over to where Akihiri, but ends up in another epic fail moment as he freaks out and hits a bench causing the carriage to flip over.

As Kakari is tossed from the carriage, she uses her amazing body control abilities and tries to keep herself from landing in a way that would injure herself, but in the process of her series of flips she ends up stopping her senpai's resignation with a swift kick to his face.

Mission accomplished, let's get the hell out of here!

With the mission complete, we find Ringo and Ookami dicussing the day's events and the latter of two comes to the conclusion that Ryoushi is useless and denies his acceptance to the Otogi Bank.  As shes comes to this conclusion, the two are interrupted by the thug they defeated not too long ago, but now he brought some friends.

Ookami makes short work of the band of thugs, but becomes too overconfident in her abilities and forgets to guard her rear.  A voice yells out in the distance to warn her, and the very next moment we see Ryoushi taking the blow from the head thug.  He had been creepily stalking watching the girl's backs the whole time and tells Okami that he can be her shield.  This gesture finally wins her over and she decides to accept him into their group.

This episode's story doesn't end with Ryoushi's acceptance, but rather at school where we find our prince trying to find his Cinderella.  All the girls in the school line up to try out the shoe and kick the prince.

Kakari finally arrives and the prince finally finds his perfect princess; a princess with great body control that can play tennis with him happily ever after...the end.

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