About Us

I would like to take a little time to introduce myself.  My name is Giancarlo, or Gian for short.  I live in SoCal where I have lived all my life.  I currently have a B.S. in Biological Studies, but have yet to find something I would love to do for the rest of my life.  I would have to describe myself as shy and very quiet, which might be evident in the podcasts, but I plan to practice and hopefully become more articulate as time pasts.  If you were to meet me in person, you might get intimidated, since I typically have a serious face on, but I consider myself typically a laid back and chill person. 

I grew up watching anime, since, well, as far as I could remember.  Like most people in my generation, I started off with Dragon Ball Z.  It opened up a new world for me, since unlike most cartoons at the time, anime tackled more serious situations.  This is not to say that powering up for 10 hours was intellectually invigorating, but that Dragon Ball Z led me down the path to greater anime series.  Immediately, Evangelion and Cowboy Bebop come to mind, which I can safely assume most anime fans hold dear to themselves.

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading a little about myself.  I hope it gave you a little bit of an insight of who I am and I also hope you enjoy our podcasts.



My name's Jim...well technically that's my nickname but I assume that if you're reading this blog and listening to the podcast then you're a good friend of mine! I'm in my mid-twenties and STILL love anime. I'm currently trying to get my teaching credentials so I can have a class of my own to pester. While my parents wished I had dabbled into the medical field, the thought of someone's actual life in my hands frightens me. I suppose the same could be said about teaching, but I feel that I'm definitely more suited towards that profession.

I got my start in anime at around the age of ten, watching Dragonball Z and Sailor Moon. At around 6th grade, I slept over a friend's house and he popped in Tenchi Muyo. He told me that this medium of animation was called "anime" and that it came from Japan. After scoping out those 4 episodes on VHS, I wanted to see more. Luckily, I had a pretty wealthy friend who was into anime and was nice enough to loan me Neon Genesis Evangelion...all on VHS. I would watch one tape a week, and just get lost in the series. I was twelve at the time and couldn't get around to why the enemies were labeled "Angels" and how much daddy issues Shinji had. I didn't even know what Fan Service meant, but Misato would always tease me about it during the previews for the next episode.

Eventually, my fandom blossomed at around Sophmore year of high school when my parents signed up to take care of a foreign exchange student. He was from Japan, and at the time I enjoyed anime but never really ventured out and seeked out series on my own. Whatever was playing on Saturday Mornings, Adult Swim, and Toonami were my only exposure to anime. Friends would lend me series from time to time, but the only anime I owned was 4 copies of Tenchi in Tokyo on VHS. One day, my foreign exchange student, Issei, was reading a copy of Shonen Jump. He told me that this was a weekly magazine that was circulating in Japan, and that America had just started their own version of it. Issei was reading it to help him with his English, so I borrowed his copy, read it, and got my own.

From there launched my love for manga, a cheaper solution than anime. It took almost a year of allowances but I managed to purchase all of Love Hina as my first manga series, followed by Chobits. Finally, I had started to seek out anime on my own and discovered that television is not the only source to feed my need for Japanimation.

Flashforward to the present, and I have a room littered with figures and wallscrolls. Manga overflowing on top of a bedside shelf, and literally stacks of anime that need a DVD case to live in. I've been to 5 AnimeExpo's, make monthly trips to Little Tokyo, and even started my own Anime Club at work. When someone asks me what I see myself as in ten years, I pray that I'm successful but definitely I know that I'll still be into anime.

- Jim