What is a Bright slap?

Simply put, a Bright slap is very similar to regular slap, but with one major difference:  it has the driving force of a a superior commanding officer behind it.  It has been known to effectively turn angsty 16 year old boys into true men, since 1979..  The Earth Federation would not have been able to win the stalemate of the One Year War if it were not for Bright slapping some sense into the newtype ace Pilot Amuro Ray.  In fact, the Bright Slap method has been emulated throughout the Gundam series by many different leaders, although, to a lesser extent when compared to the potential of a full blown Bright slap.

Bright Slap Facts:
  • It effectively creates newtypes out of 16 year old angsty boys
  • Bright's slap once prevented a colony from dropping on Earth.  
  • Bright once slapped Chuck Norris, and, well, you know the rest.